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Color: Ferrari red  

Mileage: 1.100 Km
Engine: In-line twin

Gearbox: Manual

Date of production: 1969

Presented in 1957, the new Fiat 500 (Fiat Nuova 500) appeared perfectly adapted to be a simple and economical car. Taking several elements from the Fiat 600, it is powered by a 479cc air-cooled in-line twin producing 16.5 horsepower. A few months later in November 1957 at the Turin Motor Show, Carlo Abarth unveiled the first Fiat 500 with a transformation kit, the Fiat 595 Abarth. Tuned engine, reprofiled camshaft, upgraded carburetor and specific crankcase allow this 595 Abarth to gain power but also to set some records. In 1963, Abarth got an agreement from Fiat authorizing it to receive incomplete cars and to add specific Abarth parts.

Later, Abarth markets cassette kits (wooden crates) containing all the parts necessary to transform the Fiat 500 into the wanted Abarth version. Almost all the mechanical parts have been upgraded or are new. The cast iron block, the pistons, the camshaft, the exhaust with the essential two exhaust pipe, the pump and the oil tank or even the carburetor (Solex 34PBIC on the 595SS) are specific. Crankshaft, connecting rods and cylinder head are derived from Fiat parts but are remanufactured. The bore, increased from 67.4 to 73.5 mm while retaining the stroke of 70, brings the displacement to 595 cm3.


The example we present today is a reconstruction of an Abarth 595 SS (esseesse) faithfully reconstituted according to the period standards with the installation of a complete Abarth kit. The Fiat 500 used as a basis is an L series (110F) first registered the 26th June 1969 in France, then sold and exported by its owner the 31st January 1992 to a Dutch resident who kept it until 2013. Garage Rouwette Classic then done a complete restoration of the bodywork, followed by a complete repaint in Ferrari Red. After being completely repainted, the car was re-imported to France by its last owner in May 2014, who did a total restoration and upgrade it to an Abarth 595 SS, scrupulously following the technical plans of era collected in an official book on the brand.

All of the Cassetta's parts were found over the years, either through searches in Italy for original parts (such as the Solex 34PBIC carburetor, the Abarth aluminum rocker cover and oil pan, the authentic steering wheel Nardi wooden, "Record Monza" exhaust), or through the Abarth Classiche department of FCA Heritage with the purchase of new engine parts (such as liners and 73.5 mm pistons, gasket cylinder head, camshaft). The engine was then completely rebuilt, balanced and tuned by a specialist.

On the electric side, everything was done according to the original standards in order to be able to install the Jaeger speedometers and the dashboard. On the mechanic side, a sports suspension, a triangulated front axle and disc brakes were chosen to guarantee the safety of the car. The 4-speed gearbox is now synchronized (from the Fiat 600 gearing), and a semi-electronic starter has been selected for its reliability. The car, having covered 1.100 kilometers since its restoration, has been serviced and run in.

Aesthetically, all the original badges were installed, specific Abarth steel rims were fitted, and the interior was custom designed by a specialist saddler in Italy, modeled after an original Fusina racing bucket seat, installed exclusively for the driver. The soft top was also custom made, as were the carpets and rugs.

The car is registered in France as a « collection vehicle » and has its FFVE certificate. The original documents are available, as well as a complete file including invoices, photos and historical documents (original Abarth service manual, jack, tool kit, custom cover, spare wheel, etc.).

Needless to say, the time spent on this car and its cost far exceeds the displayed selling price. In absolutely impeccable condition, it would be difficult to find another example in this condition and with this attention to detail, making this 595SS a real gem for any collector of the brand.


The car is visible by physical or digital appointment in our showroom. Do not hesitate to request a video or the digitized historical file which we will be happy to share.


You can contact us by email or by phone.

34.900€ (VAT non refundable)

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