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Porsche 911 2,2T


Color: Metallic grey
Mileage: 18.000 km
Engine: 2.2 Flat-six
Gearbox: Manual

Date of production: 1971

Presented in 1967, the 911 T (for "Touring") expands the 911 range. This model equipped with a 2.0L flat six engine developing 110 horsepower on its release will experience a first evolution in 1969 to see its displacement increase to 2.2L and its power to 125 horsepower thanks to engine optimizations and in particular two new carburetors. The behavior is also better with stabilizer bars in series and a curb weight dropping slightly to reach 1020 kg. A final evolution in 1971 will allow the 911T to obtain 130 horsepower with a displacement increased to 2.4L.


The example we are offering for sale was delivered in February 1971 to its first owner. The matching of the gearbox - chassis - engine numbers has been confirmed by Porsche France (Matching numbers) and with a "Metallic Gray" color associated with a faux leather interior, this 2.2T is in good aesthetic and mechanical condition. Imported from the United States in the early 2000s, the vehicle was Europeanized in 2005, then benefited from a restoration in 2011 in the Netherlands, documented by photos and invoices, with in particular a complete painting, redone upholstery and the replacement of many parts. With just under 18,000 km traveled since its Europeanization, this 2.2T has benefited from regular maintenance also documented by invoices and has been in France for more than 10 years, as confirmed by its Histovec. Finally, the vehicle will benefit from a complete maintenance as well as a complete check for the sale.

The car is visible by physical or digital appointment in our showroom. Do not hesitate to ask for a video or the digitized historical file which we will be happy to share in case of interest. You can contact us by email or by phone.


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