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Porsche 997 GT3 CUP


Color: White  

Mileage: 27.400 km
Engine: 3.6 Flat-six
Gearbox: Sequential

Date of production: 2008

997 GT3 CUP 2008 3.6L 420hp - 27,400 KMs - sequential gearbox with automatic heel-toe.


Car has raced in the Carrera Cup Deutschland and then Carrera Cup Switzerland until 2014 (24,000 KMs in 2014) - original DMSB Wagenpass in support.


Few outings since, trackday only, oil changes and filters after each outing. Maintained by Sportec when racing in the Carrera Cup. Recent gearbox and engine overhauls (+/- 25 hours).


Sold with an additional set of BBS wheels and its original OMP HTE Carbon bucket. Very good condition and perfect base for any track/rally project or recreational track day use.


You can contact us by email or by phone.


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