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Alfa Romeo SZ 


Color: Rosso Alfa
Mileage: 42.000 km
Engine: 3.0 V6 Busso 
Transmission: Manual

Year: 1989

During the 90s, the SZ was only known by connoisseurs and people from the industry. It didn't get much attention and people that knew it were very critical. Mainly because of the looks. But also because the performance wasn't very impressive compared to its competition. However, with time passing by and taste and opinions evolving, more and more people have caught themselves liking the design for different reasons which has caused a significant rise of the model's value. It was the last real crazy design, except some very rare models such as the 8C or the Disco Volante. It had one of the best sounding V6s ever produced with the 3.0L Busso and a very good weight distribution combined with the use of modern materials back then. The interior just was the cherry on top. 

The car presented here has an excellent and complete history, has been generously maintained and just got a fresh service and interior/exterior detail to give the Rosso Alfa paint the glow it deserves.

This car is displayed in our south french showroom and is available to see. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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