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Audi RS4 B8


Color: Daytona Grey
Mileage: 66.500 km
Engine: 4.2 V8 FSI (450hp)
Transmission: Automatic (S Tronic 7) 

Year: 2013

The B8 RS4, quite unsurprisingly, has become a modern classic just as much as its all-time rival, the C63. The recipe is simple: no cheats, just a naturally aspirated V8 that, in the case of the RS4, revs up to 8.400rpm and will deliver a sound no turbo engine can replicate. It is no secret that this engine was used in the R8, or the less common Spyker C8. Its looks, as many Audis of that area, have aged very well and bringing good tech, it certainly has become an exotic alternative to modern variants that use turbo engines that allow more efficiency, but clearly can lack a bit of character.


The example we are pleased to offer for sale, was sourced and sold by us 2 years ago to its last owner, who added only 8.000km and two Audi service stamps. Totaling a bit over 66.000km today, it couldn’t look and drive better. The beautiful Audi « Daytona Grey » paint shows amazing depth and flakes and having been ceramic coated, it will stay that way for a long time. The black leather and carbon interior is of course perfectly preserved too. With options like rear heated seats, Bang & Olufsen Audio and the RS Exhaust, this example really comes very close to the perfectly specced family car that can leave anything behind. Of course our example comes with all manuals and stamped service book, 2 keys (+1 emergency key), ski bag and other accessories and was just freshly serviced at Audi 300km ago. In case of a preference for silver wheels, they can of course be painted in any other color before delivery. An optional set of 4 Rotor Wheels with winter Continentals can be purchased too.

This car is displayed in our south french showroom and is available to see. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Options list : 

7D5: DVD Player

4UF: Driver and passenger airbags

6XK: Electrically adjustable exterior mirrors

5SL: Wide angle left exterior mirror

6TS: Right-hand wide-angle exterior mirror

2ED: Rear steel brakes

J0Z: 12V battery

1LM: Front steel brakes


2MC : Sport chassis with variable damping

3FA : Standard roof

5MB : Carbon insert pack

7X4 : Front and rear parking assistance system

9G5 : Three-phase alternator

0G7 : S-Tronic 7 gearbox

OYJ & OJH : Weight classification

TN8 : 4.2 V8 engine

3NZ : Folding rear seat

8BP : Halogen and xenon lights

U2A : Instrument cluster

QZ7 : Power steering

2PK : Leather steering wheel

8Q5 : Automatic high beam adjustment, directional high beam

9Q8 : On-board computer with multifunction display

8Z5 : Engine cooling system

D59 : Engine characteristics

7T6 : Navigation system (GPS) + Bang & Olufsen system

CT1 : 20-inch alloy wheels

7K6 : Tire pressure check

4X4 : Side airbags

VJ3 : Bumper

3L5 : Heated electric front seats + rear heated seats

4KC : Athermic side and rear windows

3Y4 : Side and rear window sun blinds

4F2 : Keyless locking

5D7 : Radio

1SA : Motor specificity

7MJ : Pollution standard

Q4Q : Front sports seats

4GF : Athermic windshield

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